All with my heart
And my art in seclusion
The act of creation
Became an act of communion
A playful discovery
In a primitive trance
Spiritual in nature
Giving into chance
An unknown realm
I dared walk through
In surrendering my line
While an Other did too
Actual contact
Alien love
A close encounter
Form of love
I began to commune
Behind the cave wall
A magical conjuring
A long distance call
An ancient intuition
In mirror pantomime
Like a phase transition
From prose to rhyme
The life blood of the art
Returned my affection
A true heart to heart
In thoughtful reflection
I uncovered a world
At a cellular level
Made of pure information
This extra-terrestrial
A primal memory
A message of union
In the middle between
Symbols of fusion
I faced the unknown
As a light in the darkness
Now I am known
Now I am conscious
A cosmic meeting
In process of being
Conscious of wholeness
Holding opposite meaning
A rejuvenated God force
A partner in time
Shifting my presence
From clockwise to mind
I saw the collective
A wide river stream
Roaring with stories
Connected in dreams
With bolts of energy
Zigzagging across it
One side to the other
This pattern I saw it
Like skipping stones
Cutting across time
From milliseconds to light years
They were coupling time
Phantoms these stones
Beyond reason and range
Even when known
Are mysterious and strange