The photographs here were taken at Black Rock City, Nevada, at the Burning Man Arts Festival. Our aim is to refurbish these twelve 10ft steel cylinders, and place them on the proposed site in Marfa by September 2014. You will find a map that shows you where this site is. The location is ideal, visible from both U.S. Route 90 and the Amtrak.

Marfa is a land of mystery and minimalism, located in West Texas approximately 200 miles southeast of El Paso, situated near the Chinati Mountain Range of Presidio County, the second-largest county in Texas.

Since the arrival of Donald Judd’s large scale artwork in the 1970’s, there has been a steady wave of art installations, galleries, and artists living and working in Marfa. The vast expanse of land and large scale art fuels the human connection to memories and stories, such as told through the film, Giant, which was filmed in Marfa in 1955.

Marfa’s rich history, and internationally renowned artworks, combined with its breathtaking landscape and the mysterious Marfa Lights, dares you to not only think big, but to ponder the deeper connections out there on the horizon.

Glimpsing the installation while passing by on the train, or driving by in an automobile, one could be reminded of the standing stones in some ancient familiarity, or the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Only here we have a row of monoliths, urging us to ask why, and whose profundity lies in their simplicity, and their surreality, as they stand mysteriously alone in the darkness until another passerby experiences them firsthand, and makes their attempt to understand.